Cracking Wifi WPA/WPA2 passwords using pyrit cowpatty in Kali Linux

Attack a handshake with PMKs from a cowpatty-file using Pyrit

Here’s another way using Pyrit…

You can use cow.out file in Pyrit next time

pyrit -r hs/BigPond_58-98-35-E9-2B-8D.cap -i /root/cow.out attack_cowpatty

Speed this way? 31683811 PMKs per second. Much slower than using Pyrit attack_db process. But at least you don’t have to batch process this way.

Cleanup Pyrit and database

Lastly, if you feel like, you can delete your essid and cleanup.

pyrit BigPond delete_essid



Thanks for reading. This process is not always possible and sometimes cracking Wifi WPA/WPA2 passwords using Reaver-WPS is much easier. You might want to check that too.

Cracking Wifi WPA/WPA2 passwords

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Update: 13/03/2014: I just realized I forgot to credit purehate for his ORIGINAL post in BackTrack forum. Without his guide, much of this wouldn’t be possible.

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Last but not the least, I’ll cover up my back …

Disclaimer: This guide is for training and educational purposes only. Ensure you have permission before you attack an access point as it is a felony in many countries. I take no responsibility of the usage of these instructions containing in this guide.

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  1. nice thanks bro

  2. This is a newbie question, but here goes: if I have two different handshakes from two different ESSID that I want to crack, do I have to run the batch process twice?


    hey if u have time please add a tread how to start from Rasberry p ..i want to start with Kali Linux and i don`t know anything have to learn commands and all ill b very thankful if you could do this i come from windows and Kali seems much greater ..i`ll come baq here soon :) mayb u can drop a link if u have time for that thank u for all what u doin to share your knowledge

  4. Hi, how about cleanup the passwords in Pyrit?

  5. I have a .cap file,can you crack it?

  6. Thank-you, very helpful ;)

  7. Hi, I think need to add -e option for pyrit BigPond delete_essid

  8. you blanked the essid of all your screenshots expect “check out the temp of my cores”

  9. You state that when using attack_cowpatty we don’t have to batch process. But when I try to do that i get an error, “0 entries written. All done’

    Even if attack_db is much faster, it doesn’t matter because creating the database takes so long. do you only create the db once per wordlist? because otherwise the speed from attack_db or attack_cowpatty doesn’t matter, all that matters is the speed of creating the database, which for me was about 8000/s

    Am I doing something wrong? I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just recommend the attack_cowpatty method if you really can do it w/o creating a batch process to create tables. because of course someone would rather do that at 31 million keys per second than the 15 thousand keys per second you got creating tables.

  10. Hi BlackmoreOps !
    I am new to Kali-Linux, and I find out that most of your posts are very useful for newbie like me. I followed all your steps to install Nvidia driver, pyrit and cpyrit. However, my result comes out poorly with computed just 3681 MPK/ps. I don’t know how to make cpyrit computed around 40,000 MPK/ps. My laptop is Sony vaio VPCF15FM, Nvidia Graphic Card is GT 216 (Getforce: GT 330M)
    Computed 3686.29 PMKs/s total
    #01: CUDA-Device #1: ‘GeForce GT 330M”: 2431.1 PMKs/s (RTT 2.9)
    #02: ‘CPU-Core (SSE2)’: 222.6 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)
    #03: ‘CPU-Core (SSE2)’: 221.1 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)
    #04: ‘CPU-Core (SSE2)’: 224.2 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)
    #05: ‘CPU-Core (SSE2)’: 221.4 PMKs/s (RTT 2.9)
    #06: ‘CPU-Core (SSE2)’: 222.4 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)
    #07: ‘CPU-Core (SSE2)’: 221.3 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)
    #08: ‘CPU-Core (SSE2)’: 224.3 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)
    It is very slow compared to your result. Can you tell me what is wrong with it, please. Thank you buddy.

    • I’m having the same exact issue. I have a Sony Vaio F Series : VPCF226FM it has Nvida GeForce with CUDA. Followed all installation steps but it does not seem to be offloading processing to the graphics card. Do you know of any troubleshooting steps I could follow to figure out why and resolve the issue.

      • did you use the version of pyrit from the repository
        svn checkout pyrit_svn

        download that and

        cd ~/pyrit_svn/pyrit
        ./ build install.

        instead of going int the ../cpyrit_callpp folder go into../cpyrit_opencl
        ./ build install

        when done…

        pyrit list _cores

        see how you go.

  11. My box liked this command pyrit -e BigPond delete_essid (needed -e) in order to delete

  12. I did not understand that NVIDIA AMD part.

    • The CPU on a good graphics card can compute the encessary hashes faster than the CPU of motherboard can. so with the proprietary NVIDA or AMD drivers loaded, processing can be offloaded to the Graphics card.

  13. i have 2 diffrent handshake, can I just add the essid of the other hand shake into the databse and tun the batch once? Ihave 112gb of wordlist to import and right now im on the 24th hour of importing if I batch this twice maybe I have to wait for a weej to crack that AP. Its a 8-10 digit password.0-9 diffrwnt combination can you crack this hand shake in your DB?

  14. Thank you for this tremendous documentation. Just to let you know there is a typo on the command concerning Import Dictionary in Pyrit.
    It should be: pyrit -I wpa.lst import_passwords as shown in the screen captured I.e without /root/cudacapture/ path

  15. want to really hack wifi just see my latest wifi hacking

  16. Im running a laptop running intel graphics chip. What would be my best route for wifi cracking?

    • Reaver, honestly. Pixie Dust attacks work great as well with Reaver. I’m commenting to come back to this since I’m generally curious to the answer as well.

  17. How can Idownload dictionarys I am using backbox does it have any

  18. Just wondering My box seems to hang when its flushing the buffers is this usual? I set it to import the passwords before i went to bed but woke up to find my laptop had rebooted running x64 kali on x64 Vbox via win7 x64. Tried to get aircrack going on a wheezy install on another lappy to see if there was a difference but cant get the backport version working and the wiki is out of date.

    Any help? Vheers

    • Not too sure mate, I never tried this in VBox, only HDD installation. VBox got 3d Memory limitation (128mb?) which might be causing this issue. Also, you don’t really need GUI to do this, it’s better off doing in CLI so that you can put every bit of CPU and Gfx into the job. Hope someone else who had similar issues replies back to. Good luck. Cheers,

  19. I am wondering why my GPU only works 3% based on status from nvidia-smi either working in pyrit batch process or attack_passthrough directly without batching process. I have been monitoring nvidia-smi every 1 seconds and getting the same value of 3%. I am using NVIDIA GT335 with driver 304.125. I have tried to install the current one for this series (340.76) but didn’t work.

  20. It stays at listening to a handshake for a long time and doesn’t quit

  21. Dear… thank you for all your time and effort .. and for helping us , if i win one day a lottery you will get some money from me , you are inspiring me..

    can you help me with this question ? maybe it is the most easiest part of your tut.. but why am i not able to follow this command or it wont work ;cat rockyou.txt | sort | uniq | pw-inspector -m 8 -M 63 > newrockyou.txt

    Can you explain me what i am doing wrong i tried serveral things but cant figure it out ! , I hope you will contact me soon ,

    Kindly regards,

    Stephan from Holland

    • Dear blackmore Ops .. i think i figured it out .. i just copied the Original file to the root folder , then fill in your command in the terminal and it worked ! thank you a lot and apoligize for interrupting ! hope i can get your help with some more difficult questions in the pas. Ciao for now

  22. Can you create a database only 1 time for a wordlist and use it over again for different passwords?
    Can you use Cowpatty-> pyrit without creating databases?

  23. Thanks blackmore. I followed this very easily nice and clear. no results yet. but im smashing 30k P M K’s after followin your other guide on cpyrit. unfortunately i can’t get cal…++ working so had to settle for O C L. using 1.1/ 3.18 i tried about 5 fresh installs using AMD 2.7 -2.8 -2.9. …i get them all installed properly but i get an operation error every time. Any ideas? i cant really do apt -get upgrade because im tethering from my cell phone,which is why I’m kinda here in the first place lol.

  24. xsukax Wifi Cracker Script – Kali Linux 2.0

  25. Is it possible to create the Pyrit database with the ESSID and wordlist when you aren’t within range of the AP or do you have to be within range the whole time?

    • No. Capturing the handshake is the only part where you need to be within the range of the AP. Thereafter, everything else can be done offline.

      • Thank you. I did some research and found the answer to my question a long time ago, but thanks anyways. Have you done this process before? If so, how many PMK’s/s could your computer calculate during the database batch process? Any feedback is appreciated.

  26. This article mentions you don’t need to commence the batch process with Cowpatty. Does this mean you don’t have to pre compute any sort of database at all and can attack the pcap file directly after you capture it?

  27. Ok. In comand ~ wifite -wpa ~ didn’t get any handshake but when I type ~ wifite – wpa -aircrack ~ I get a handshake. I’m on Kali by the way.

  28. boys please it is possible to run pyrit in way that it will compute PMKs on the fly? I mean i have created pyrit database and ssid on external drive and since database is too big and i want try mulitple ssids i want to skip batch processing and compute PMKs realtime with hacking attempt. Precomputing PMKs with big database for multiple SSIDs is time consuming either.

  29. well i can’t find the .cap file !!

  30. I added a 10,000,000 word dictionary to Pyrit.
    I added 1 essid (Wi-Fi name) to Pyrit.
    I ran BATCH and it compiled in about 2 hours.
    Everything worked fine.

    Later I might wish to add another dictionary of 100 words.
    Will I have to execute BATCH again?
    Will it take another 2 hours…. or will it just quickly process the new 100 words?

    Later I might wish to add a 2nd essid (Wi-Fi name).
    Will I have to execute BATCH yet again?
    Will it take another 2 hours… or will it just quickly process the 1 new essid?

  31. I dont understand can you have time i want to hack grandmother wifi any tell me how

    And can you give your number

    It work in Android device yes or no

    • Mmm Grandma! Dude my grandma didn’t even have WiFi, she would have told me if I asked, why don’t you just ask her? Did your Gramdma not give you guns to go outback shooting? I think that’s what’s wrong with the word I was at this nursing home with by grandma before she died and I noticed old peoples don’t like when they kids are on the phone typing all day (your mom and dad) which probably pisses her off to see you sit around with your thumbs on a phone all day, watch TV with her go to the American legal and chill with her while she drinks her rum n coke and keep your phone in your pocket.

  32. All dictionary “atacks” is like gambling for jackpot in casino in Vegas,crap

  33. Granted I don’t understand WPA handshakes. So have to wonder why, once a valid handshake is captured, it must be “hit or miss” from a dictionary list. If a guess is say, 50% right, wouldn’t whatever values are being generated with aircrack or similar be at least partially correct when compared to the capture? Then, with that knowledge, couldn’t the key be honed in on more intelligently? (I’ll probably end up dissecting the source of aircrack-ng to understand, which is the only way I learn)

  34. Hi I don’t why at the last step for pyrit attack it’s saying the essid can’t​ be found all the first steps were perfect

  35. What a STUPID-ass, totally INCORRECT, internet-MISINFO, TOTAL-TIME-WASTE tute is this???

    This STUPID, IGNORANT time-wasting-bastard puts out a TUTE in this pompous website and NEVER even adds the .cap capture file into the Pyrit Database. HA!!!

    Before the “pyrit -e ‘ESSID-name’ create-essid” command, one MUST do the following:
    “pyrit -r /’full-path-to-cap-file’/capture.cap analyse”

    WIthout doing this most important step, what in the world is Pyrit cracking upon?!?!

    FOLKS, BEWARE of such mis-informing IDIOT-HEADS on the internet and steer clear of such TIME-WASTE BLOGS.

    ALWAYS read the manuals from the ORIGINAL publishers/authors of any tool/OS, i.e., in this case refer:

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