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A wireless LAN (WLAN) is a local area network (LAN) without wires. It allows a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line and typically share the resources of a single processor or server within a small geographic area (for example, within an office building). It is also referred as Wi-Fi or WiFi

Introducing Kali Linux NetHunter and NetHunter supported devices

Kali Linux NetHunter - Supported Nexus Nethunter Devices - blackMORE Ops -11

Featured: The Kali Linux NetHunter project is the first Open Source Android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices, created as a joint effort between the Kali community member “BinkyBear” and Offensive Security. NetHunter supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard (Teensy like attacks), as …

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No internet for me!

No Internet Steal Neighbors - BoooYaa - blackMORE Ops

No Internet for me!!! I am moving to a much faster Fibre connection, so temporarily living on a Mobile Internet.   This was me for first few hours:         Then this happened!     BoooYaaaa     Feel free to comment via my Facebook or Twitter account …

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Cracking WPA2 WPA with Hashcat in Kali Linux (BruteForce MASK based attack on Wifi passwords)

Cracking WPA2 WPA with Hashcat in Kali Linux (BruteForce MASK based attack on Wifi passwords) -blackMORE Ops - 6

cudaHashcat or oclHashcat or Hashcat on Kali Linux got built-in capabilities to attack and decrypt or Cracking WPA2 WPA with Hashcat – handshake .cap files. Only constraint is, you need to convert a .cap file to a .hccap file format. This is rather easy.  Hashcat Hashcat is the self-proclaimed world’s …

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