No internet for me!

No Internet for me!!!

I am moving to a much faster Fibre connection, so temporarily living on a Mobile Internet.


This was me for first few hours:


No internet and slow internet - blackMORE Ops




Then this happened!


No Internet Steal Neighbors - BoooYaa - blackMORE Ops





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Enjoy and stay safe everyone.




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  1. sir your tricks are really interesting . I must learn many things from you . I am mechanical engineering side background from India . I want to do my masters on cyber security in u.s.a … any suggestions from you can i eligible to do hacking, i really like hacking and to be a good hacker but there are many codes you are using i don’t know at-least how to use them .. How to be like you having such knowledge on this tricks.. please reply me sir I have less time to decide my carrier option towards cyber security..Thank you

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