The word “hacking” has two definitions. The first definition refers to the hobby/profession of working with computers. The second definition refers to breaking into computer systems. While the first definition is older and is still used by many computer enthusiasts (who refer to cyber-criminals as “crackers”), the second definition is much more commonly used.

Hacking remote desktop protocol using rdpy

Hacking remote desktop protocol using rdpy - blackMORE Ops

RDPY is a Microsoft RDP Security Tool developed in pure Python with RDP Man in the Middle proxy support. This allows a user to record sessions and develop honeypot functionality. It supports both Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) protocol client and server side. RDPY supports standard RDP security layer, RDP …

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WPSeku – WordPress Security Scanner

WPSeku - Wordpress Security Scanner - blackMORE Ops

WPSeku is a black box WordPress vulnerability scanner that can be used to scan remote WordPress installations to find security issues. Features of WPSeku WordPress Security Scanner WPSeku supports various types of scanning including: Testing for XSS Vulnerabilities Testing for SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Testing for LFI Vulnerabilities Bruteforce login via …

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