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Remove GRUB bootloader from Windows 10

My Razer 2016 laptop had Windows 10, Kali and Ubuntu installed but after a Windows update Linux partitions became inaccessible. I removed both Kali and Ubuntu partitions including SWAP but GRUB was till there. I needed to remove GRUB safely without breaking anything else and the following method on how to remove GRUB bootloader from Windows 10 worked for me. It also works on Windows 7. I’ve used it so far 2/3 times since last year on my laptop running Windows 10 multiple times, never failed. I have Secure boot disabled and I am using Legacy boot on BIOS.

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Remove GRUB bootloader from Windows

Follow steps below to remove GRUB from Windows 10.

Step 1(optional): Use diskpart to clean disk

Format your Linux partition using Windows disk management tool. Then you can increase the disk size on your primary partition (i.e. C:) to claim that space. If you’re doing this step, it’s safe to do a restart after you’ve done that.

Step 2: Run Administrator Command Prompt

On Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 search for command and simply right-click Command Prompt shortcut from the search results and select Run as administrator. Don’t use Powershell as PS doesn’t work for few commands.

Step 3: Fix MBR bootsector from Windows 10

Simply type in the following command to remove GRUB bootloader from bootsector on MBR and revert back to Windows bootloader. In Command Prompt (Administrator)

C:\> bootsect /nt60 <drive name>: /mbr

If your drive is C:\ this command will be

C:\> bootsect /nt60 C: /mbr

Thats it. GRUB should be gone from MBR, restart and confirm.


  1. Did not work, friend. I’m never using Ubuntu on anything again.

  2. It’s worked thanks

  3. Worked for Me!!!

  4. Thank you it worked!, Tried every possible way to repair grub/grub rescue and didn’t work. This worked.

  5. Great, it worked for me.

  6. It worked for me as well. Thanks,,,

  7. Simplest and perfect solution works on windows 10. Thanks

  8. boom! it worked, but be sure to use an “admin” command prompt. type “cmd” in cortana, then hit ctrl-shift-enter to pull it up

  9. Thanks, bro. You saved my day. 100% work.

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