Website Password hacking using WireShark

Step 5: Cracking MD5 hashed password

I can easily crack this simple password using hashcat or similar softwares.

root@kali:~# hashcat -m 0 -a 0 /root/wireshark-hash.lf /root/rockyou.txt
root@kali:~# cudahashcat -m 0 -a 0 /root/wireshark-hash.lf /root/rockyou.txt
root@kali:~# cudahashcat32 -m 0 -a 0 /root/wireshark-hash.lf /root/rockyou.txt
root@kali:~# cudahashcat64 -m 0 -a 0 /root/wireshark-hash.lf /root/rockyou.txt

Because this was a simple password that existed in my password list, hashcat cracked it very easily.

Cracking password hashes

Website Password hacking using WireShark - blackMORE Ops - 7

Out final outcome looks like this:

  1. username: sampleuser
  2. password: e4b7c855be6e3d4307b8d6ba4cd4ab91:simplepassword


Well, to be honest it’s not possible for every website owner to implement SSL to secure password, some SSL’s cost you upto 1500$ per URL (well, you can get 10$ ones too but I personally never used those so I can’t really comment). But the least website owners (public ones where anyone can register) should do is to implement hashing during login-procedures. In that way, at least the password is hashed and that adds one more hurdle for someone from hacking website password easily. Actually it’s a big one as SSL encryption (theoretically) can take 100+years even with the best SuperComputer of today.

Enjoy and use this guide responsibly. Please Share and RT. Thanks.

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  1. hi :)
    As always many thanks for the interesting material in the mythical

    PS I did some tests ” refresher ” on some old and famous forum at http :
    & After the filter http.request.method == " POST "
    the credentials are in ” CLEAR ” in Base-Line text-data(wireshark)

    thx-again :-)

  2. is that only capture your own network packet, right?
    so, when we want to capture other computer packet, we must do arp poisoning, please correct me…

    • Hi Akyra,
      Correct. Or if you have access to the Gateway device(for example a router/proxy), you can just do it in there and all the HTTP password for the whole network will come up in Plaintext. Truly scary assuming that someone used the same password in a secured website and in a non-secured website. It’s very old hack but works till date.
      My intention is to show how easily it can be done and people should be aware of it. Cheers,

      • thanks blackmore ops
        I have access to a person network … i know his router mac and from armitage i can access all his computers too but i m unable to find a way to wireshark his computers as u have jst said that its very easy to do so.. but due to my lack to knowledge i cannot do it..
        when i start capturing data from wireshark it only shows the ip im using.. means its capturing only my data not his… would appreciate if u can explain how to capture his date and get passwords…

      • it would be so helpful, f you could get me a tutorial on the method you just said.
        pls help me out.

  3. You can also look for “data-text-lines” in the wireshark filter.
    It gives all the packets were tis line is present.

  4. Please note that sensitive data may be protected on the client-side when playing with plain-text connections e.g. with some JavaScript help. see

  5. How do i know the desktop password over the network of my colleagues computer using wireshark.

  6. I get an error when I type in the filter, basically saying it’s invalid.. any ideas?

  7. can we know the route where the traffic is being directed too? using wireshark? thank you

  8. Can I do all this on my android??
    I want to hack my university DSL router username and password, so can anyone tell??

  9. hello friends,

    My name is gabi and i really need some help with my newly installed Kali 2.0 Sana.

    It actually worked for some couple of weeks and later started acting weird. The issue is this ;

    I cannot browse the internet with either iceweasel or Firefox
    I cannot use the terminal to ping any public internet address, even google dns server
    I can use the TOR browser only to access the internet (WEIRD).

    This is driving me crazy, just when i am preparing for my CEHv8 and other security certifications.

    Please guys, the experts, help me out here. I will really appreciate any help.



    • look in the /etc folder for another folder named “Networkmanagement” , in this folder must be a config file, open it with a text editor and you will find the option somethink like “network” oder “networkcard managed” = false, just replace the “false” with “true” and save the config file, then you will be noticed that you are connected to the internet.

  10. Do these systems work with macs?

  11. hey bro i need help urgently i hacked my neighbours wifi but he know but don’t know who i am so i was thinking if i want to be remains anonymous how can i be or if any apps i am using hotspot shield elite. i need assurance he can never trace me …

  12. Hello. I am just wondering, if a wireless USB card is really needed? As for my computer, I have one built in. What would this be called in the Wireshark capture interfaces?

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  14. can u help me to hack a website and get the username and password ~
    if can pls email to me

  15. Please assist with retrieving the data website below.

  16. Does he charge money over it ?

  17. Will this only work if the victim uses an http link or will it still work if they use https and the website has an http version?

  18. any alternate tool to hack website?

  19. contact dennixrichison@gmail. com for hacking services

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