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  1. Awesome map. What is interesting is that many of the attacks are originating from Google’s IP addresses — I guess its fiber service is being misused royally.


    • Hi Jonathan,
      Correct. There’s one more factor that I came up with. You would see most targets are in USA and one would think it is the US Govt sites that are being attacked. But in reality, most big web hosting companies (i.e. Amazon, GoDaddy, Hostgator etc.) and sites like Google, Ebay etc. are mainly based on USA. So I think we are seeting some legit traffic in this map as well (i.e. Port: ha-cluster which is usually Checkpoint Firewall sync traffic as far as I know, correct me if I am wrong here) showed in this map. Occationally you see random bursts which is internal misconiguration where BGP/Private domain traffic leaks out. You would also see script kiddies attacking a website (i.e. for example my server is in USA) and depending on how big that is, you see it in this map. Same goes when Google syncs it’s traffic/data to USA, not too sure how to separate those traffic but it would definitely look like a DDOS attack on USA. Someone who misconfigured their Amazon EC account (files hosted on it — see it here: http://www.behind-the-enemy-lines.com/2012/04/google-attack-how-i-self-attacked.html ) and Google’s content servers from all around the world started syncing to it, ended up with a hefty bill for 8.8 Terabytes traffic. There was this other time some Pakistani ISP misconfigured their BGP to get better youtube view reduce hops). See it here — http://www.cnet.com/au/news/how-pakistan-knocked-youtube-offline-and-how-to-make-sure-it-never-happens-again/

      But you get the idea that a simple misconfiguration can lead someone to appear on these maps.

      I am not saying that this map is incorrect and obviously those who made it know a LOT better than I do, but when everyone instigates that USA cops the worst DOS/DDOS, it merely means the end point is in USA. Thoughts ? go through the websites and you can possibly track down the big DDOS fight between Spamhaus and Cyber Bunker. Then again, USA seems like the prime target just for the fact many big financial org’s have their HQ in there.
      But yes, those who are in Security business would defnitely be using something similar (if not the exact map) like these ones.
      Thanks for your comment and visiting my website. Cheers,

  2. Hey guys…how can I add such a map on my site http://divtech.pp.ua?

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