cPanel logs location

cPanel logs location - blackMORE Ops - DropMini

Finding cPanel logs been always an issue for everyone. cPanel seems to distribute the logs in all over the disk. Saying that, cPanel got a nice Poster that you can print out but the PDF file is 42MB. This post is a collection of all the cPanel logs location for access, …

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Determine if a disk is SSD or HDD

Determine if a disk is an SSD or an HDD - blackMORE Ops - 1

This is one of those random things I do and decided to put it in the website. I know that my personal computer is running on HDD, but when I am logged into a remote Linux system and suddenly I started wondering about how to determine if the underlying disk …

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No internet for me!

No Internet Steal Neighbors - BoooYaa - blackMORE Ops

No Internet for me!!! I am moving to a much faster Fibre connection, so temporarily living on a Mobile Internet.   This was me for first few hours:         Then this happened!     BoooYaaaa     Feel free to comment via my Facebook or Twitter account …

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Download accelerator manager for Linux – Flareget

Flareget Mozilla IceWeasel Extension

Before many started using Linux, we used Windows. One thing Windows gives you is plenty of softwares (well call them shareware’s if you want). In Windows did you use a download accelerator manager to download large files? Did you use FlashGet? or Internet Download Manager? Well, in Linux you can …

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