Bypass 40X Response Codes with dontgo403

dontgo403 is a tool to bypass 40X errors.

Bypass 40X Response Codes with dontgo403


git clone; cd dontgo403; go get; go build


If you want to edit or add new bypasses, you can add it directly to the specific file in payloads folder and the tool will use it.

./dontgo403 -h

Command line application that automates different ways to bypass 40X codes.

  dontgo403 [flags]

  -b, --bypassIp string    Try bypass tests with a specific IP address (or hostname). i.e.: 'X-Forwarded-For:' instead of 'X-Forwarded-For:'
  -H, --header strings     Add a custom header to the requests (can be specified multiple times)
  -h, --help               help for dontgo403
  -p, --proxy string       Proxy URL. For example:
  -u, --uri string         Target URL
  -a, --useragent string   Set the User-Agent string (default 'dontgo403/0.3')

Example of usage


Twitter, Telegram Github

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