A .vimrc config file everyone should use

Ever had that issue when you login to a Linux terminal, editing a file and the texts are just blue and you can’t read? I’ve had way too many cause default vim/vi config is just bad. I created a good .vimrc config file. Simply create a file with .vimrc name in home directory a paste following config. Open a new SSH/terminal and you’re gonna love the color schemes, colorline, line numbering, auto tab and indentation. I use it in my every server and every virtual machines.

" vim
" .vimrc
" by blackMOREOps
" ~v1.0
" C: 2018-11-28 02:25 UTC
" M: 2019-01-09 10:40 UTC

" Readable colorscheme instead of default.
colorscheme elflord
" Mark column for comments (80), laptop edge of screen (195).
" set colorcolumn=80,195
" Mark the current line with an underline.
set cursorline
" Start scrolling text when near top/bottom of screen.
set so=5
" Absolute and relative line numbering.
set nu

" Shrink tabstops down to something more readable.
set tabstop=2

" Turn on auto-indentation based on file type if available.
if has("autocmd")
filetype plugin indent on

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