Browse anonymously in Kali Linux with Anonsurf

anonsurf allows you push your whole system via TOR network. It’s very easy to configure and possibly less hassle than setting up a VPN. Of course you will have slower connection speed than VPN as you are using TOR network.

Anonsurf works in the background (you can close the terminal), and changes automatically every few IP.

Step 1: Download Anonsurf

First download the package and extract it (if you put the folder /home is more comfortable):

Step 2: Install TOR

Now, you have to install TOR on Linux, from a terminal enter the command:

apt-get install tor

Step 3: Edit torrc

Change to the directory /etc/tor/, edit the file torrc, adding the following lines:

AutomapHostsOnResolve 1
TransPort 9040
DNSPort 53

Now you’re all set. launch “”.

Step 4: Start anonsurf

To start anonsurf, and pass all under TOR, give the following command:

./ start

To stop, just give the command:

./ stop

We thank the author of the tool “Anonsurf” >> EclipseSpark <<

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  1. check Parrote os

  2. Can I use it for carding? Plz mail me at:

  3. how can i Uninstall it?

  4. Hey I got a question… when I using an anonsurf and doing nmap scan it just don’t show me anything (open ports, services, os detection), but when I using proxychains it work so… Is anonsurf better than proxychains? And is anonsurf working when I doing remote attacks?? (scaning site or handling payload)? or some ddos attack?

  5. resolve.conf file is not updated as shown in your post
    it is showing nameserver
    and when given anonsurf myip it is showing thw error
    /etc/init.d/anonsurf: line 116: curl: command not found
    how can i resolve this i am absolute beginner to linux os
    thanks in advance

  6. thanks bro for your honestly.jys only say god helpe you and so so so merci.

    farshid from persia

  7. thank you bro u are best hahaha its working bro can u send me ur email address?

  8. Thanks very good program very good

    msafa from IRAN

  9. T H @ N K $$$

  10. root@kali:~# anonsurf start

    getting this msg when starting …

    * cleaning some dangerous cache elementsgrep: /etc/default/tor: No such file or directory

    [!] Please add the following to your /etc/default/tor and restart service:


  11. There is an other script calles anonym8 which is better than anonsurf. This script change Mac adress, delete the cache and some others good feature. I hope you look it ;) thanks for your website <3

  12. Thank you for this article. my tor did not work in office network however this script helped..

  13. Hello,

    for the error : /etc/init.d/anonsurf: line 116: curl: command not found

    it means the curl might not be installed.

    1 – sudo apt install curl
    2 – Run sudo anonsurf myip
    3 – My IP is : XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX


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