Accessing ESXi console screen from an SSH session

I’ve had this issue many times where Firewall ports to iDrac, iLo or RSA were not open and I couldn’t access VMWare ESXi host’s setup screen (the yellow screen!) to change configuration or even restart it. In every cases, I had SSH access to the ESXi host but then I just couldn’t remember what command to use to access ESXi Console screen.
Accessing ESXi console screen from an SSH session - 3
It’s rather simple. As you can understand SSH access to ESXi host is required, otherwise you need to go to the location to do it.
Before accessing the DCUI from an SSH session, it is important to note that making any changes to network settings may lead to management issues through vCenter Server, vSphere Client or SSH. Networking changes should only be made through a console session (for example through DRAC, iLO, KVM) to avoid host management issues. Changing network settings using this command may make the host unusable and can necessitate a reboot to recover.
  • Run this command to access the DCUI from an SSH session:
    ~ # dcui

Accessing ESXi console screen from an SSH session - 1

  • To exit the DCUI, press Ctrl+C.

DCUI gives you this screen which doesn’t have color but it’s everything ESXi Console screen has.

Accessing ESXi console screen from an SSH session - 2

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