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The word “hacking” has two definitions. The first definition refers to the hobby/profession of working with computers. The second definition refers to breaking into computer systems. While the first definition is older and is still used by many computer enthusiasts (who refer to cyber-criminals as “crackers”), the second definition is much more commonly used.

Shortest spam run ever – domaincop.org Domain Abuse Notice Spam

Shortest spam run ever - domaincop.org Domain Abuse Notice Spam - domaincorp whois - blackMORE Ops - 1

Woke up this morning and found two emails from domaincorp.org in my Inbox stating my domains are being used for spamming and spreading malware recently. Subject line contained “Domain Abuse Notice” which looked serious! I decided to carefully examine the email and it's contents in an attempt to find out more information. But before I even opened the actual email, I checked it's header and Domain Whois. I always do this; specially Whois because you are unlikely to receive an abuse notice emails from any domain that was just registered few weeks back. Most abuse notice emails are served by large organizations and domains that has been around for years and built enough reputation for everyone to take them seriously.

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Hacking QNX systems over QCONN

Hacking QNX systems over QCONN - blackMORE Ops - 1

This is a simple user submitted guide on Hacking QNX systems over QCONN port(8000). In case you are wondering what is a QNX system, QNX is a mobile operating system that was originally developed for embedded systems. The operating system’s developer, QNX Software Systems, was acquired by Research in Motion …

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